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PHP INI Examples

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Here is an example of a custom OC php.ini

If you are having issues uploading file you may want to check your  upload_max_filesize and post_max_size in your

magic_quotes_gpc = Off;
register_globals = Off;
default_charset    = UTF-8;
memory_limit = 512M;
max_execution_time = 36000;
upload_max_filesize = 999M;
post_max_size = 256M;
safe_mode = Off;
mysql.connect_timeout = 20;
session.use_only_cookies = On;
session.use_trans_sid = Off;
session.cookie_httponly = On;
session.gc_maxlifetime = 12000000;
allow_url_fopen = on;

;Used to load and extension (not an OC extension Linux/apache) of you are having issues.
;zend_extension = "/usr/local/IonCube/";

;Used to load and OC extension file needed by devloper
;auto_prepend_file = "/home/sitename/public_html/catalog/controller/module/dsfirewallserver.php";

;Display errors
;display_errors = 1;

;To report all errors
;error_reporting = E_ALL;

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