Whatever your IT needs are, we can help provide an end to end solution. Our specially is helping small to medium size businesses find cost effective solutions so they can compete against the big fortune 500's​.  If you need advice on a deployment, give us a call. We have 22 years in IT design and support that ranges from simple desktop deployment to WAN design interconnecting hundreds of sites together.  No job is too small.


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Are you looking to stream line your network, need IP tracking, looking for a VPN solution, does your firewall need an audit since the last employee left? Let our staff help. We strive to do knowledge transfers on all jobs. Your staff can learn fist-hand how to maintain the solutions being deployed. 


Let us become your on-call team.


We believe network security is paramount to the sustained success of any growing organization. Our approach towards network security involves careful planning, implementation of the proper digital security technologies, and ongoing maintenance to ensure that a company’s sensitive resources are protected by threats of the future. We believe in multiple layers of security, as well as a system of checks and balances, in order to provide the greatest level of protection.


Some of these layers which must be protected are:

  • The Network Perimeter
  • E-mail, Web and Application Traffic
  • Employee Desktops
  • Traffic Between Servers and Virtual Machines


We can help you achieve the level of Network Security you are satisfied with by providing:

  • Next Generation Firewalls to Protect Web, E-mail and Application Traffic
  • Antivirus Software
  • Purpose-Built Appliances (Spam Filters and Web Filters)
  • Business Continuity (VPN) to Sustain Business Productivity in Times of Disaster.
  • Firewalls Rule Sets to Protect Your Internal Resources Form Guest Access




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Older News but Important


Cisco announces its intent to acquire OpenDNS for $635M

SAN JOSE, Calif. – June 30, 2015 – Today, Cisco announced its intent to acquire OpenDNS, a privately held security company based in San Francisco. OpenDNS provides advanced threat protection for any device, anywhere, anytime. The acquisition will boost Cisco's Security Everywhere approach by adding broad visibility and threat intelligence from the OpenDNS cloud delivered platform.

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Network Diagram
Is it time to document your network? Let us build a network diagram.


Patch Management
If you are looking to get a handle on patch management, we have affordable solutions to get you back on track.


Help Desk Software
If you need an easy to configure and use ticket system, we have a great solution.

E Commerce Site


Need an E Commerce or Content Management System:



We have solutions that are built on open source code, so they will not drain your bank account.  They are easy to manage, update and support.  Need to host your site in the cloud?  After years of searching, we have found what we think is the best hosting company ever!  Hosting your e commerce or content management system with our advice and/or support has never been easier to get your business where it needs to be on the web no matter what your business is.

Network Design



Whether it is a local or multiple office networks, we can provide a total solution to meet your company’s technology needs.



Need consulting design or support? We offer services from initial design, setup and deployment to ongoing maintenance and support.

Top 20 Security Tips

Tip #1: Security must enable business, not prevent it    

Tip #2: Work with people. Don’t fight them    

Tip #3: Problems first, then solutions    

Tip #4: Teach the basics again and again    

Tip #5: Data security and privacy starts with employees    

Tip #6: Mistakes happen, especially by you    

Tip #7: Think like an attacker    

Tip #8: Backup your data…away from the data source    

Tip #9: If it’s online, you can’t be certain it’s private    

Tip #10: In a business vs. security battle, business is always right    

Tip #11: A business must balance some risk in order to profit    

TIP #12: Educate users about good password security    

Tip #13: Be wary of how much authority you give to a consultant    

Tip #14: Make the cost of breaking in higher than the benefit    

Tip #15: Don’t go overboard    

Tip #16: Record as much activity as you can    

Tip #17: Destroy and recycle electronics correctly    

Tip #18: To get respect, you’ll need a few shots fired at you    

Tip #19: Security is everyone’s responsibility    

Tip #20: Research before going in.


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